Our Services

Opus Hair Design in Trowbridge has been established since 1997 and has become one of the leading salons in the area with a reputation for affordable prices and professional service within a comfortable and friendly environment. We offer everything from stylish cuts and cutting edge colouring to Hair Up and Bridal Hair. We cater for the very young through the generations to Parents and Grandparents tailoring to everyone's individual requirements.


image01 Why Racoon International hair extensions? Hair extensions can give you instant texture, volume, style and length without the need for chemicals or patch testing. Whether you choose the latest red carpet look or luscious volume for your special day, you can get that great new image without the wait.


Bonded Hair Extensions Racoon International's bonded system allows your natural hair to be easily and safely blended and lengthened.
Our multi-award-winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to a unique inert polymer bond non-allergy synthetic which leaves no trace or residue. The hair is applied over three to four hours, but can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments.
The bonding material containing natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice. As it takes on the colour of your own hair, the bonds are virtually invisible.
Available in our NEW Euro Hair, Standard Softwave and Standard Deepwave Hair.


Weft Hair Extensions Micro Wefts have a super-fine, ultra-flexible micro header, making them discreet to the eye and one of the safest system available on the market. They have small header tapes that are easily attached to the hair and are extremely comfortable.
Easy to apply in an hour, weft hair extensions are perfect as a temporary hair extensions option for weddings, parties and special occasions. They last for up to 4 weeks before being removed, reconditioned and retaped.
The premium quality Indian cuticle hair we use for each weft is root point correct, with the cuticle intact. Available in Everyday Hair.



So, what does Brazilian Keratin do? Brazilian Keratin treatment is a new revolutionary anti-volume keratin treatment (semi-permanent hair straightening) created in Brazil now available to the UK. You will love the results of effortless glossy hair. The keratin treatment works as a shield around the hair shaft, protecting it from humidity and sunlight where keratin can be lost. Exclusively made for professionals to transform dull frizzy hair smooth and velvety, that lasts up to two months, with very low maintenance for you at home. Helps to restore and strengthen the hair as frequent heat treatments are not needed. Makes the constant hassle of blow drying and iron straightening disappear, making your life easier. Can be applied on all hair types with no exceptions, even relaxed hair.


  • Same day results (No waiting 3 days)
  • Straighten hair for 2 months
  • Can be done on all hair types
  • Gives a healthy looking-shine
  • More manageable to dry
  • Anti frizz treatment