Ladies Prices
LadiesSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Wash, Cut & Blowdry£39.50£28.00
Wash, Cut & Set£34.50£26.00
Wash & Cut£29.50£20.00
Wash & Blowdryfrom£21.00£17.00
Wash & set£18.50£16.00
Hair upPlease ask for a quote
Wedding HairPlease ask for a quote
Mens Prices
GentsSenior Stylist
Wash, Cut & Finsh£19.00
Clipper Cut£14.00
All Over Clippers (no blending)£8.50
Perming by L'oreal
Perming by L'orealSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Classic Perm£50.00£39.00
Luxury Perm£60.00£49.00
Spiral PermFrom£75.00
Additional charge for long hair
If cutting is required add£30.00£22.00
Colouring by L'oreal
Colouring by L'orealSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Diacolour - Gloss Colouring£41.00£27.00
(20-24 Shampoos)
Full Head Tint/Bleach£46.00£32.00
Colour correction quotation with free consultation
If cutting is required add£30.00£22.00
Technical Work
Technical WorkSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Shoe Shine£30.00
Capped Highlights/Lowlights£41.00£32.00
Parting Easymeche/Foils£41.00£32.00
T Section Easymeche/Foil£51.00£37.00
Half Head Easymeche/Foilsfrom£61.00£42.00
Full Head Easymeche/Foils£66.00£47.00
Underneath block colour
(to ear)
Services 1-3 include finish
If cutting is required add£30.00£22.00
Racoon Extensions
Racoon Extensions
100% Human Hair, prices given on consultation, 50% deposit required for full head.
Racoon Fashion Colours £4.00 each
6 for£20.00
10 for£30.00
Minimum Charge£8.00
Brazillian Keratin
Brazillian Keratin
Smoothing treatment for naturally wavy/curly hair.
De-volumes unruly hair to give a sleek finish.
Please ask for a quote
Senior Citizens
Senior CitizensSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Mon, Tues & Wed only
Wash, Cut & Blowdry£29.00£21.00
Wash, Cut & Set£24.00£17.00
Wash & Cut£22.00£15.00
Wash & Set£17.00£12.00
Wash & Blowdry£19.00£14.00
Perming by L'oreal
Gents Wash & Cut£12.00
Classic Perm all inclusive£49.50£37.00
Luxury Perm all inclusive£59.50£47.00
Colouring by L'oreal 20% discount off list price.
Children and Teens
Children and TeensSenior StylistGraduate Stylist
Mon - Fri only
Girls & Boys 0-4 years£7.50
Girls 5-10 years Wash & Cut£14.00
Girls 11-16 years Wash & Cut£17.00
Cut & Blowdry£27.50£21.50
Boys 5-10 years Wash & Cut£9.00
Boys 11-16 years Wash & Cut£12.00
Student Discount (with NUS card) 10% off all services Mon - Fri only Discounts given are not valid in conjunction with any other offers